Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Now is a great time to sell Thailand!

Empty chairs in the peak of season
Thailand is in the news again with violent incidents in political demonstrations. As expected, Thailand as a destination is being pulled from travel shop windows in London, moved to the back pages of travel sites in the US and removed from all promotions in the generating markets ... as usual! But let’s look at the facts and see the opportunity:

#1. It is affecting the tourism industry, but not the tourists

Unlike political crises in other tourism destinations around the world, the events in Thailand are not rooted in religious or nationalist extremism. Foreigners and tourists are not targeted at all, they are not even a factor in the political conflict. The disruption and violent incidents have only occurred within the perimeter of the demonstrations and, unlike in previous crises, airports and shopping centers remain unaffected and open for business.

The perception of the crisis is deeply affecting the tourism industry with major airlines reducing flight schedules (including Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific) and Bangkok hotels seeing devastating occupancy rates with Chanin Donavanik, CEO of Dusit International, stating to the Bangkok Post that Dusit Thani Bangkok has a 20% occupancy rate in the middle of the peak season.

Yet, the tourists remain unaffected with main attractions and shopping malls open as usual. Tourists who have encountered protesters report friendly and welcoming attitudes. Away from Bangkok, tourists in Phuket or Pattaya would not even be aware of the demonstrations save for news and worried inquiries from friends and relative back home.

Even the UK government’s Foreign Travel Advice, the best industry indicator, continue to advise extra care and avoid protests and gatherings (as of 20 January 2014), but the overall map of Thailand remains green: There is no advise against travel to Thailand.

#2. Thailand has been removed the major travel companies advertising

While not removed from catalogs, Thailand has been pulled from promotions by all major industry players in Europe. It is understandable from a corporate perspective: why take a marketing risk, however small, when there are alternatives begging for the opportunity (Malaysia being the main beneficiary in the region).

#3. Thai tourism providers are desperate to bargain with you

Learn the facts and keep up with the news to be well informed to engage with your clients. Search the airlines and call the hotels to put together amazing deals that your clients will consider if you inform them clearly and honestly about the situation in Thailand, emphasizing that there is no religious or nationalistic issue,the major concern of global tourists today.

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